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Inhand Equine Therapy

Tina Watkins of Inhand Equine Therapy treats the horses of Half Steps with therapeutic massage bi-weekly. The benefits of therapeutic massage are extensive – relaxation, stretching, lymphatic system drainage, etc. One of the most important contributions that Tina can offer is identifying strengths and weaknesses in the horse’s tissue; this clarifies focal points for training and can play a major role in long term health. 

Moore Equine

Moore Equine is the premiere equine veterinary clinic in Western Canada. With a large team of vets, specializing in many different areas, they offer full service veterinary care for performance horses out of two clinics – one just North of Calgary and one just South of Calgary. Specifically to Half Steps, Dr Dennis Rach is a major contributor the maintenance of the performance horses, ensuring they are fit, sound, and healthy for their job. 

Energy Equine

Dr Chad Hewlett of Energy Equine Veterinary Services is another crucial part of the veterinary team for Half Steps. His wealth of knowledge and experience with top level performance horses of all disciplines, combined with his holistic approach to wellness make him an asset to the Half Steps team. 

Teradan Equine

Based out of nearby Okotoks, Dr Dan French has been a friend, supporter, and key contributor to the success of Half Steps over the years. His veterinary expertise has helped many horses from this program, and continues to do so today. 

Balanced Equine Wellness

Dr Heather Mack  from Idaho brings a unique brand of highly effective veterinary expertise to Half Steps. Based on TMJ wellness and expanding from there, Dr Mack  address the whole horse’s health and relate it to specific issues or weaknesses to help solve problems at their root. This helps promote long lasting health and happy horses. 

Lone Star Feed

Local feed store, Lone Star Feed, is the supplier of top quality equine feed for the horses of Half Steps. With feed delivery and great selection, Lone Star’s convenience and service make it the clear choice to look after the horses of Half Steps. 


Nathan Powell Farrier Services

Having a good blacksmith is one of the most important things to do for one’s horse. Half Steps’ long-time farrier Nathan Powell is regarded as among the best in the world by his peers and clients alike. A thoughtful and highly skilled approach to crafting the horse’s shoes ensures top quality and care for the horses of Half Steps. 

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