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Classical Dressage training, sales & clinics
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Classical dressage draws its foundation from the cavalry, where horses were trained to perform specific movements for a practical application. More importantly, it is a way of riding and training a horse in a manner that rewards a horse for correct movements, works with the horse’s natural way of going, and has a strong connection to the rider’s effective balance and position.


At Half Steps, Joey expands on the platform of classical dressage and brings this to her students. There is a strong emphasis on position – what is the correct position, how it will affect one’s horse, and how to put this position into use. There is not a lot of equipment used as tools to force the horses to be a certain way. Training is done in a natural way that the horse can understand, and know when it has performed correctly.


When starting a young horse on the road to classical dressage, Joey creates a solid framework for the future through ground driving and double lunging. This enables the young horses to understand the connection with the rider that will become so important. Quality riding emphasizing forward movement and a tall shape help promote the long –lasting strength and fitness for a competitive or recreational horse.


Through the team that Joey has built around her, horses in her care are looked after to ensure that they are healthy and sound in all aspects of their life. A horse in peak mental and physical health will lead to optimal performance for whatever the horse’s job may be.


Joey Mann has been coaching for many years, and she brings her wealth of experience to riders of all levels. With a big emphasis on proper position and how it affects one’s horse, Joey has brought her own students up to the FEI level to compete at international shows.


Joey has been called upon to coach many CET Medal riders to improve their flat phase of their test. Among others, she has helped the students of trainers Jenn Serek and Rodney Tulloch .


On a more regular basis, Joey helps top jumper riders improve the foundation of their riding. Her unique ability to relate flatwork and dressage to jumper riders make her a strong asset in many local professionals’ stables. She has helped Andrew More, Alexander Grayton, Holly Burns, Alex Grayton, Ashton Belcher, Jill Henselwood, Donna Ferguson, Shannon Stewart, Heather Archer and Elizabeth Gingras to name a few. Additionally, Joey has coached specifically jumpers, when she trained Andrew More when he was riding the circuit for the Kubota Cup show jumping series.


Joey is also available for clinics locally or out of the Calgary area. Please Contact Us.


Joely has spent many years honing her skills as a top dressage professional, working with noted horseman and author Paul Belasik She also many years working with some of Canada’s top breeders and is now fortunate enough to run her own business just down the road from some of Canada’s biggest horse shows. Joely’s horses and riders always stand out at competitions – a focus on the rider’s position and the correctness of shape and balance of the horse is paramount to her training program. She specializes in all levels of dressage training as well as hunters, jumpers, and equitation riders. Joely herself has ridden and trained horses to the Grand Prix, she understands and appreciates the importance of working from the ground up.


Joely’s long time mentor “Paul Belasik gives clinics, lectures, and demonstrations internationally, and trains a wide cross-section of clients at his Pennsylvania Riding Academy at Lost Hollow Farm, where in particular, his celebrated short courses concentrating on the rider’s position have brought him acclaim from students from all over the world. Belasik has helped all levels of riders from all around the world for over thirty years.”

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