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Joely has spent many years honing her skills as a top dressage professional, working with noted horseman and author Paul Belasik She also many years working with some of Canada’s top breeders and is now fortunate enough to run her own business just down the road from some of Canada’s biggest horse shows. Joely’s horses and riders always stand out at competitions – a focus on the rider’s position and the correctness of shape and balance of the horse is paramount to her training program. She specializes in all levels of dressage training as well as hunters, jumpers, and equitation riders. Joely herself has ridden and trained horses to the Grand Prix, she understands and appreciates the importance of working from the ground up.


Joely’s long time mentor “Paul Belasik gives clinics, lectures, and demonstrations internationally, and trains a wide cross-section of clients at his Pennsylvania Riding Academy at Lost Hollow Farm, where in particular, his celebrated short courses concentrating on the rider’s position have brought him acclaim from students from all over the world. Belasik has helped all levels of riders from all around the world for over thirty years.”

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